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Dr. Sokolow has written over a dozen articles about development in such publications as Entrepreneur magazine, Digital Communities, Washington Business Journal, and Proposal Management. He has also been interviewed on the Business News Network about how to develop winning proposals. He is the Assistant Managing Editor and Chair of the Editorial Advisory Board of Proposal Management, the journal of the Association of Proposal Management Professionals.

Finding and Getting Government Grants
This is a “must-read” to learn how to get federal support for your non-profit organization’s programs.

Proposal Professionals and the Pursuit of Happiness
Can you be a proposal professional and also be happy?

The Legacy of Peter Drucker
Peter Drucker was the father of modern management. What is his legacy to proposal professionals?

Using Self-Organizing Activities in Proposal Development
What harvester ants, urban pedestrians, enthusiastic audiences, and the Ford Motor Company can teach us about getting the most out of proposal teams.

How do Reviewers Really Evaluate Your Proposal?
How can proposal professionals use the cognitive insights we have learned about how people make day-to-day judgments to better develop proposals?

The Proposal Gene
A molecular biologist claims that there are genetic links to sexual orientation and religion. Can the proposal gene be far behind?

The Proposal Professional as Primate
What can we learn about proposal professionals from observing our fellow hominoids, those monkeys and apes we most closely resemble? The answer is – plenty!

Developing a Performance-Work Statement
Today, more and more government contracts are performance-based. Proposal professionals must learn to create effective performance-based work statements to keep their companies competitive.

Nietzsche for Proposal Professionals
Philosophy and proposal development may not be complimentary fields, but Nietzsche may have something to teach proposal professionals.

Taking the Arrogance Out of Proposal Writing
Arrogance often creeps into proposal writing. However, there are ways to avoid it while still making a persuasive case.

Nonprofit Lessons for the Business World
Although most proposal professionals work in the private sector, they can learn valuable lessons about developing successful proposals from their counterparts in the nonprofit world.

Contracts and the Building of America’s Nineteenth-Century Canals
Pre-Civil War canals pioneered in the development of a new contractual relationship between the government and the private sector, for better or worse.

Pioneers in Virtual Reality
Virtual reality concepts and techniques, which are beginning to influence the content and development of proposals, have been around a long time, from the frescos of ancient Pompeii to modern baseball.

Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics
Numbers are routinely used and abused in American society, even in proposals.

Wright Brothers’ 1908 Proposal for a Heavier-than-Air Flying Machine
A look back on this legendary procurement and the proposal which helped launch a new industry in the twentieth century.

The Darker Side of Persuasion
In the 1960s, psychologist Stanley Milgram carried out a series of innovative electric shock experiments that dramatically showed how persuasion in modern society can result from obedience to authority. His laboratory experiments have profound implications for proposal professionals.