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Purchase these eBooks to Improve Your Grants!

Fortunately, there are many excellent books on grant development available to individuals in the nonprofit world.  I would like to recommend that grant professionals look at The Fundraising Series.  You can access this series of eBooks at

I have two reasons for recommending this series of inexpensive eBooks.  First, I think they provide a brief, straightforward, and helpful guide to fundraising.  And second, I am the author of the seventh and most recently published eBook in this series, Finding Getting Federal Government Grants.

 I will focus on the two eBooks in this series that I think are most appropriate for grant proposal professionals.

 Book 6:  Grants Grantsmanship

This handy guide by Lynn Delearie, Ph.D., is intended for nonprofit staff, board member, and volunteers to help them understand what the basic process of grantsmanship is and is not.  Her brief articles take nonprofits step-by-step through the grants development process from conceiving a grant and developing a grant to submitting competitive proposals.

 Book 7:  Finding and Getting Federal Government Grants

This book by me is intended for nonprofit staff, board member, and volunteers to help them research and become successful applicants for federal grants.  It is divided into six chapters:

  • Chapter 1:  What is a Government Grant?
  • Chapter 2:  Get Ready to Apply.
  • Chapter 3:  Manage your Grant Proposal.
  • Chapter 4:  Organize to Write.
  • Chapter 5:  Write Grant Prose Persuasively.
  • Chapter 6:  Use Proposal Graphics Effectively.

 For example, chapter 3 on managing a grant proposal is divided into four brief sub-chapters.  The first, “Follow Eight Core Ideas to be a Great Grants Proposal Manager!” describes the attributes of successful grant proposal managers.  The second, “How Do I Manage a Virtual Proposal Team?” describes the challenges of managing a proposal team that is not physically working together. 

 The third sub-chapter, “Don’t Let Your Grant Proposal Time Slip Away!” explains the importance of time management in grant proposal development and how to mange a grant team’s time efficiently and effectively.  The last chapter, “Get the Shipley Proposal Guide 4.0! highlights one of the best resources for grant professionals, a detailed guide to developing proposals that is really intended for companies doing commercial and government proposals.

 Especially for beginning and mid-level grant proposal professionals working in the nonprofit world, I think my Book 7:  Finding and Getting Federal Government Grants is a practical and inexpensive overview on everything from searching for federal government grants to using graphics in proposals effectively. 

 I would be happy to hear from readers of my eBook.  Have you find it helpful?

 You can purchase Jayme’s new eBook, “Finding Getting Federal Government Grants,” at



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