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Impress your Colleagues — become a valued Grant Proposal Professional!!

Recently, there has been a great deal on ink spilled in articles, books, and Web sites about how to become an extraordinary leader or CEO.  Perhaps our current economic and political problems are encouraging people to reflect on the seeming deficit of thoughtful direction we see around us, from politics to the boardroom to the environment.

From these sources, I have compiled a list of brief, practical advice about how to impress your colleagues by becoming a valued proposal professional.  None of them have anything to do with the content of grant proposals.  Instead, they focus on the habits and character traits that we should foster within ourselves and admire in our colleagues.


Show up to work early.

Ask thoughtful questions.

Listen carefully.

Ask for advice and say thank you.

Find a mentor to guide you.

Speak well of everyone behind their backs, or, if that is impossible, say nothing.

When necessary, stay late to finish a proposal.

When necessary, work at night or on the weekend to finish a proposal.

Do more than your share of work.

Find balance in your life – there is more to living than working and making money.

Stay healthy – eat right and exercise regularly.

Move.  Take frequent walks.

Character Traits

Keep everyone informed.

Be accessible.

Develop or keep a sense of humor.

Express gratitude.

Do not pass the buck – take responsibility.

Be positive, but also be constructively critical and analytical.

Learn.  You can take away something valuable from every proposal effort.

Serve as a mentor.  Help teach those less experienced people around you.

Your role as a proposal professional is to help your colleagues win grants.  Whatever your position on the team, you can help serve as the catalyst in this effort.  Good habit and character traits will help you accomplish this goal and become a respected, valued member of your proposal team.


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