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Jayme Sokolow

A New Proposal eBook by Jayme Sokolow

I have just published a new eBook, The Values, Habits, and Traits of Successful Proposal Professionals (2018). It is available on for $7.99.

Below is the introduction, which is a compilation of my best blogs over the past few years about the lives and habits of proposal professionals.

In the United States today, there are tens of thousands of people working in companies who conceptualize, design, develop, and deliver proposals for a living. Some develop business-to-business proposals while others develop business-to-government proposals. Regardless of their content, all these proposals have something in common: they are sales documents designed to convince potential customers to award the applicant a contract to provide goods or services.

They also have something else in common: proposals usually require teams of individuals to develop them unless they are small proposals that salespeople quickly create for prospective customers. Being a Proposal Manager or a member of a proposal team is a challenging activity. It often involves long and intense work hours along with plenty of thinking, writing, and revision.

This eBook is designed for proposal professionals who want to improve their performance and advance their careers by learning how to do their work more efficiently and effectively. Proposal handbooks and manuals focus on the processes of proposal development. This is a vitally important topic, but processes are only as good as the people who are involved with them.

This eBook is a different kind of book on proposal development. It does not focus on proposal processes. Instead, it focuses on the values, traits, and habits of character that successful proposal professionals should have to succeed in such a challenging environment. It is based on my 20+ years managing proposals for small, medium, and large companies and on my reading of the literature on project management and business development.

In this eBook, you will learn the following:
• The traits, habits, and values of successful proposal professionals.
• The traits, habits, and values of successful Proposal Managers.
• How to be more focused and effective.
• How to help create a more satisfying and rewarding proposal work environment.
• How to create a more satisfying and rewarding career as a proposal professional.

Work is an important source of identity and fulfillment for many people. Learn how to achieve more satisfaction and success as a proposal professional.

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The Development Source recently helped an international family planning organization develop a winning proposal to the United Kingdom’s Department for International Development  (DFID).

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